My gain-lose weight journey


I gained so much weight in the past 4 years and if you are asking how much is that “much”? It is 48.50 lbs (22 kgs) and I really don’t care. (well, that time I don’t.)

Every time I bump into an old friend, instead of saying “kamusta?” (how are you?) they will say, “ang taba mo na ah!” (you gained weight!) and yes, they say that with conviction. At first, it does not bother me. Like, who cares. Eating gives me so much pleasure. Plus, I’m a full time mom. I only go out to pay for the bills, buy groceries and to eat out. My mind setting during those times was, I don’t have to look like a skinny teen ager. Also that time, I cannot wear my old clothes anymore. My size is in between the biggest for the usual size for women’s clothes and smallest for the plus size. I only see my self slim with the throwback photos. And I still don’t care.

But, that’s me a year ago.. What made me finally decide to change? Here’s the story: I accompanied my 9 months pregnant (that time) bestfriend to my OB Gyne and I overheard that she weighs 1kg lighter than me. OMG! Not so long ago, during our high school days I am the slim one and she’s the “a little chubby” one. (I’m sorry I have to say this, she’s slim now. Haha! I love you! 😘) From there, I felt like a cold water was splashed in to my face. But this is an exaggeration. Hahaha! Kidding aside, that’s the time I decided to seriously lose weight.

A lot has changed now. And I’ll start sharing the changes by telling you how much I weigh now. I weigh 14kgs lighter now, and although I have 8 more kgs to burn to achieve my weight goal I consider this as an achievement already. It is, right?

It was a total change in lifestyle. I do not take injectable contraceptive anymore because my OB said that its one of the factors that made me gained weight since it boost my appetite, I lessen my rice intake, I do not eat after 6pm, I rarely eat food from the fast food, I do not drink soda, powdered juice and coffee, I do not eat canned and processed food. I do not eat oily food. I exercise and I took a slimming pill which i had for 2 months. (I will post a separate blog with that pill).

And that is the glimpse of how I lose weight. I’ll tell you more about it on my next blog.

Thanks for reading! ❤️

Please do not hate. Please do not bash. I wrote this to simply share my thoughts and experiences. 😘

Please let me know you were here, drop a comment or simply hit the like button!

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2 thoughts on “My gain-lose weight journey

  1. It used to bother me a lot. For years, my mom and I would argue about my size because she thought I was pregnant. I don’t know how it has become so normal for people to say, “ANTABAAAAAAA!” Akala nila compliment yun.
    I know I can still lose weight, pero I don’t want to be frustrated just because I can’t eat what I want. Hehehe!!!


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