GILTBOX Luxe Subscription Plan ft. Clinique Products

“Small beauty packages makes one’s heart jump for happiness!”

Last quarter of 2017, I got hooked with beauty boxes. I was first captivated with Althea Korea’s Beauty and skin care products, until I came across with Giltbox. I read reviews about it and knew that it was formerly named as SaladBox. Frankly speaking, I never heard them before but through previous posts, reviews, blogs and vlogs about it I quite had an idea. Of course, there will always be those unsatisfied plan subscribers but I still want to have a first hand experience. Just the thought of receiving a beauty box every month thrills me. It is like the feeling of someone is courting you. Yihee!

“Beauty Personalized For You” that is what Giltbox claims. Each month there will be 5 personalized handpicked beauty samples delivered to your door steps. You might be wondering how will it be handpicked personally. Okay, so upon signing up you will fill out a Beauty Profile where you will be asked questions that will let them know more about you. Basic questions like your hair type, your skin type, your interests, etc.

If you are asking how much a plan subscription costs, on their website it says that they have 3 plans to offer. The Quarterly Plan, which is P1,800.00 for 3 months (P600/box), the 6-month Plan, which is P3,300.00 for 6 months (P550/box) and the Yearly Plan, which is P6,000.00 for one year (P500/box). It is a one time payment, regardless which plan you subscribe to.

I got my Luxe Subscription Plan for P7,990.00 Buy 1 Take 1 meaning 24 boxes. I luckily got a chance to have a partner who’s willing to subscribed with me. We paid, P3,995.00 each. Included on that plan was the shipping fee for multiple address.

I received my first box Last December 23, 2017. I am so happy and excited to open it. BUT, to my surprise I got two boxes! My partner’s box was sent to me also. I feel so sorry and guilty. The excitement was gone, I immediately told her what happened. I emailed Giltbox and sent a message to their Facebook Page. The resolution was, upon the delivery of the second box their courier will get my partner’s first box and they will deliver it to her. I told her that I can just send it to her but she insisted that we’ll just wait for the 2nd box. Unfortunately, up until today (February 19, 2018) I or we haven’t received the 2nd box yet. I had another issue, the other box I received was a damaged box. Yes, it is just a box I know, but who would love to receive a box in that state? 😦 I took the damaged box since I really cannot take it if my partner will get a “super delayed & damaged box” .

So WHAT IS INSIDE my First Giltbox Luxe Subscription?


The box is petite with a simple design. The box itself says that it is a collaboration of Clinique PH, Preview Magazine and of course by Giltbox. The Clinique exclusive curated box contains five (5) deluxe samples, and says to have a ₱4,000+ total value.

Here are the included Clinique products:

1) Clinique Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser a foaming cleanser with exfoliating beads for a squeaky clean face.

2) Clinique Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer a night moisturizer that helps revitalize skin while you sleep.

3) Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Serum a serum that works day and night, revealing a softer and brighter complexion with continuous use.

4) Clinique Lash Power Mascara a lengthening mascara that doesn’t smudge. It comes with a small brush for a more precise application.

5) Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in 09 Sweet Pop Shade a cool toned light pink lipstick that brightens most skin tones.

Up until this day, I haven’t tried these products yet because I am still trying and reviewing a specific skin care product. But, sooner or later I sure will. I will just update this blog or post a separate review about it.

Overall, am I happy with my first box? If we are talking about what is inside, YES I am happy! Simply because it is CLINIQUE! (Yey!) But generally speaking, I got really disappointed. My partner did not received hers because I got her box, and I received a damaged box. I hope it will not happen again.

If you want to subscribe to Giltbox just go to their website

Thanks for reading! ❤️

Please do not hate. Please do not bash. I wrote this to simply share my thoughts and experiences. 😘

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Disclaimer: I am posting my reviews with all honesty. The content of my reviews are my OWN opinion whether it may or may not be sponsored. I may or may not have the same opinion with others but there is no way that the content here is copied.


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