Human Nature Natural Lip Scrub Review

I never thought I would be needing to take a lip care too.. I discovered that I need it when I used an oil based lip tint and wondered why others can blend it too well and make it look too good on their lips. While on my lips it looked like a paint that highlighted the lines and not to mention the cracked dry lips.

And so, I asked friends what to do about it. They told me to scrub my lips. I can also do so by simply brushing my lips with a toothbrush but to have an extra care I decided to buy a Human ❤️ Nature Natural Lip Scrub. It is a local brand that claims to be a Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-environment company. If you have been reading my blogs, I said it a couple of times already that I support locally made products adding to it plus factor is the natural products they use.

Going back with the Human ❤️ Nature Natural Lip Scrub I will share with you my honest review about it.

Brand Name: Human ❤️Nature

Product Name: Natural Lip Scrub Peppermint

Where to buy: I bought mine at their newly opened kiosk at Starmall San Jose Del Monte Bulacan.

You can find them also online and to some malls nationwide.

How much: ₱175.00

Size: 12g


I like how detailed the box is, all the important informations that I am looking for is written there like a brief description of the product, the direction on how to use the product and the list of ingredients.

Polish your lips to irresistible smoothness with Human Nature Lip Scrub made with Philippine raw sugar. Pucker up to dewy soft kisses with the infusion of miracle moisturizer sunflower oil, jojoba oil and beeswax. Natural peppermint flavor sweetens the deal.

HOW TO USE: Gently exfoliate your lips by applying a pea-sized amount of Human Nature Lip Scub. Massage for five seconds before wiping off with a dumb washcloth. Use 2-3x a week for smooth, supple lips.

Ingredients: Sacharrum officinarum(sugarcane) extract, Helianthus annuus(sunflower) seed oil, Simmondsia chinensis(jojoba) seed oil, Cera alba (beeswax), caprylic/capric triglyceride (vegetable-derived), Mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) leaf essential oil, aqua (water), gluconic acid (plant-derived), sodium benzoate (plant-derived), tocopherol (Vitamin E)

It is on a container or should I say an acrylic jar (I dont what it is particularly called) weighing 12g. That floral printed label is very pleasing to the eyes.


The container has a sticker on it indicating its expiration date which is another plus point for me. I’m glad they also put it on the container itself.

The product is mainly sugar with extracts of sunflower oil, jojaba oil which known as miracle moisturizer and beeswax that lock in moisture on our lips. It also has a Peppermint Essential Oil giving it a cool sensation. This product is said to be 98.85% natural.

I have been using this for a month now. Sometimes, I use it twice a week or once a week. I include lip-scrubbing on my skin care routine. I put a little amount on my lips and scrub it gently. The direction says to scrub it for a few seconds only, but I do it a little bit longer because it relaxes me. It gently buffs away the dry skin leaving it really moisturized. After scrubbing, I wipe it off with a wet tissue, then I put on a lip balm for an extra loving care.

I regularly use this since I am using matte liquid lipsticks which makes the lips dry. I also use oil based lip tints that emphasizes dry lips if it is.


I highly recommend Human ❤️ Nature Natural Lip Scrub. It is made from Natural Ingredients, it is locally made, and it gently lifts away the dry top layer of the lips leaving it soft and moisturized.

Thanks for reading! ❤
Please do not hate. Please do not bash. I wrote this to simply share my thoughts and experiences. 😘

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