Giltbox Luxe Subscription ft. Artistry Products

The second box of the One Year Plan Luxe Subscription has finally arrived. Yey! I get more excited each month, since they are featuring products that I never tried before.

The 2nd box features Artistry Products from AmwayPH. As usual, it cointains 5 products in sample sizes.

The box looks casual, simple and plain. Upon opening the box, I appreciate that there is a card with the product descriptions. For me, it feels really personalized that way.

The Artistry Products look so inviting to use! Look at the Cool Aqua Blue color of the packaging, not to mention the term ‘Hydra’ on its name it might really hydrate and moisture my skin. I’m so excited!

Featured Products:

1.) Artistry Hydra V Fresh Foaming Cleanser

– a gentle foaming gel cleanser that effectively removes excess oil, make up, and environmental debris, leaving behind only comfortable, refreshed, healthy-looking skin.

*Full Size Price: ₱1,520.00

2.) Artistry Hydra V Fresh Softening Lotion

– alcohol free toner that removes the last traces of impurities, environmental contaminants and makeup leaving the skin radiant feeling fresh and smooth.

*Full Size Price: ₱1,555.00

3.) Artistry Hydra V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate

– a concentrated powerful treatment that is uniquely developed with fortifying ingredients. After just one use, you’ll see the beauty of glowing, healthier-looking, hydrated skin.

*Full Size Price: ₱3,225.00

4.) Artistry Hydra V Refreshing Gel

– a clean, light gel that provides long lasting hydration and an instant cooling sensation. It also absorbs excess oil so any skin type feels smooth and refreshed.

*Full Size Price: ₱2,230.00

5.) Artistry Hydra V Refreshing Eye Cream

– intensely hydrating gel cream that is specially designed to help diminish the look of puffiness and dark under eye circle. The delicate eye area will look and feel refreshed.

*Full Size Price: ₱2,130.00

Oh! I almost forget, this box comes with a free Mighty Bond Box.

I already discussed the details about the subscription plan on my first blog, I’ll share it here anyway. But if you want to see the unboxing haul, follow this link:

The plan is a One Year Plan Subscription with one time payment term. This plan is called the Luxe Plan Subscription Buy 1 Take 1. Yes, 24 boxes in total for ₱7,990.00. I have a partner and we split the total bill amount, ₱3,995.00. Boxes are shipped separately, on her and my address.

If you are interested with the Subscription Plan, head now to their Website

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