Nature Skin Secrets Gold Collagen Detox Mask Review

“Sleep, drink water, and treat your skin.” – Georgia Louise

šŸŽµ twenty four karat magic in the air.. Head to toe, so player. Uh, look out! šŸŽµ

Here comes another product review from Nature Skin Secrets, this is their ‘You Glow Girl Gold Collagen Detox Mask’ . By the way, the products I am reviewing here are not sponsored. šŸ˜

Brand Name: Nature Skin Secrets

Product Name: You Glow Girl Gold Collagen Detox Mask

Where to Buy:

Price: ā‚±130.00

Size: 50g

Gold Facial Masks are said to be anti aging, firming skin and brightening.


It comes in a 50g plastic tub, smaller than the Detox Mask with Black Combo which I previously reviewed. It has a sticker on top of the plastic cover containing the brand name and product name and nothing else follows. So if you are a first timer, you wouldn’t know what to do. I hope they could come up with a more detailed packaging. You’ll only have a clue that upon using this, you will glow because it says on the packaging “You Glow Girl” šŸ˜


It is a glittery powder that is more fine in texture as to compared to their Detox Mask with Black Combo. Yellow in color that has something glittery on it. I did not smelled it this time to prevent my self from inhaling the powder. (If you read my previous review, I smelled the Detox Mask with Black Combo and I accidentally inhaled few powder particles. šŸ˜‚


Since I already have an idea on how to prepare it, I used a silicon cupcake holder and a make up brush, scooped out a little amount of the powder and add a little amount of water. Since estimation is the key, I put a little amount of both at a time and just adjust to get the desired consistency.

This is my before photo, I prepped my face by washing it with a facial scrub.

I evenly applied it on my face using a make up brush. It has a thick consistency.

By this time, it feels like I have a cement on my face. After 10mins, I had to rinsed it off since it has becoming itchy already.

Suprisingly, I was able to rinse it off so easily as to compared with the Detox Mask with Black Combo. I haven’t even had to use a cleanser.

This is my ‘after’ photo. My skin felt so tight! As if my skin was lifted. My major skin problem is the early signs of aging. Fine lines are now visible, that is why I really like that tightening effect. My skin feels so smooth and glowing. This is my new favorite mask! ā¤ļø


collage 2018-03-01 22_46_03499683640..jpg

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I just hope that the packaging could be improved, but for the product I love it so much! ā¤ļø

Thanks for reading! ā¤
Please do not hate. Please do not bash. I wrote this to simply share my thoughts and experiences. šŸ˜˜

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