Black and Green Detoxifying Mask by MariaNaturalsPH — Product First Impression


This will be my first blog post about product first impression. Products tagged with that in title were the product/s I just used for the first time, so please expect a review update on each blog post if ever indicated that there is a chance of probability in using that featured product again.

So, I tried this Black and Green Detoxifying Clay Mask the other day.  And oh by the way, I got this from as a prize from Danica Delos Santos giveaway last december. Though I did not bought this, rest assured that my product review is with all honesty.

What I like:

✔️I like how detailed the packaging is. All the details I need to know is there, the brand, the product name, the ingredients, the direction of use and the expiration date.

✔️The tub is very affordable. For 50g it only costs ₱120.00. Not to mention that you can use it for many times.

✔️ The powder is color grayish black and the texture is super fine.


✔️The direction says to leave on the face and neck for 15-20 minutes but I only applied it on my face and rinsed it off after 10 minutes since it got a little itchy.

✔️While I am waiting for the clay mask to completely dried out it does not get back to the powdery form that falls off unlike the other charcoal mask that I tried and I like that!

✔️ What I also like about it is it can be easily rinsed off even with water alone.After rinsing it, my skin felt a little tight and refreshed from all the dirt and oil.

What I don’t like:

❌ The tub is fully filled that upon opening the tub, the powder spreads out even the tub is not fully opened yet. I don’t know, i hope there is something to stop the powder from spreading.. A lid stopper or a cover inside, maybe. Refer to the photo above how much powder spread out after I completely opened the cover.


Will I use it again? There is a chance of probability.👌

I posted this at Instagram prior to posting it here and the IG account of MariaNaturalsPH responded that they have already a new packaging and have included an inner lid on the tub. So that is a good news!

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Please do not hate. Please do not bash. I wrote this to simply share my thoughts and experiences. 😘

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Disclaimer: I am posting my reviews with all honesty. The content of my reviews are my OWN opinion whether it may or may not be sponsored. I may or may not have the same opinion with others but there is no way that the content here is copied.


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