I’ve been exposed to blogging and vlogging just this year (2017). It started when I decided to have a better version of me (physically). Btw, let me tell you a brief story first about my self.   I’m a full time stay at home mom of a 3 year old daughter. A lot has changed on my physical appearance. I gained so much weight and care less of my skin. I consider one good quick bath as my hygiene care already. Yes! You read that right, I know first time mommies will relate. 😂

      Going back, I got so depressed and felt so ugly and fat. From that moment, I decided to searched on ways how to get fairer skin tone and ways on how to loose weight. The journey on my ‘balik alindog’ program is too long and I’m still working on it.
So, what or who inspired me to blog?

      As I researched on how to have a fairer skin, I came across to a blog named Vanity Room Philippines by blogger MJ Perez. He put so much love and effort on making a lists of products he used and gave honest reviews on each product. He also have a Youtube Channel, Facebook group and Instagram please follow/subscribe to his channels. What I like about Vanity Room Philippines is basically the blogger, MJ. He is so kind and generous. As a first timer on skin care world, i had a lot of questions and he is always there to answer. I had a downtime on my skin care journey, I tried a product that literally burnt my face. I asked for MJ’s opinion and help, he did not turned me down and helped me. From then on, I called him my Vanity Hero.

      So too cut the long story short, he opened blogging and vlogging world to me. From there, I started following bloggers in Instagram and subscribing to their youtube channels. And one of those bloggers, Rikaness encouraged me to blog as well since I’m using skin care products also. I just want to blog to express my thoughts. I like the idea of writing anything regardless if I will or will not have readers or followers. Expressing my thoughts is more than enough. If eventually I got the chance to review beauty products, rest assured that I will be sharing my experience will all honesty.

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